Hit book and game for teens now a digital learning lab

A decade ago, teen leadership coach/speaker Jill Esplin teamed up with learning designer Sue Baechler to author the successful Dream Leader book and game to help teens learn to lead their dreams for life. Career educator Shirley Ball and Sue Baechler are expanding the franchise with Dream Leader Lab, a dozen, 30-minute self leadership lessons experienced in an interactive environment on digital devices.

The Dream Leader book and board game have been endorsed by youth leadership organizations, teachers, principals, parents and teens in the U.S. and Canada. The book and game are affiliated with Disney’s Youth Education Series, the NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) store in 50 states, PTA’s at Newsweek’s Top 100 High Schools, YPO’s youth leadership program, Herff Jones’ Believe-in-U leadership program and applauded by a Huff Post article Investing in Teen Futures.

After developing and testing the new Dream Leader Lab product, co authors Shirley Ball and Sue Baechler were introduced to Nearpod via game maker and learning guru Dr. Michael Carter. Inspired by the Nearpod purpose, platform and people, the authors adapted their analog lab to Nearpod’s digital learning platform. They plan to make Dream Leader Lab for Nearpod available in 2020 to students worldwide.

For questions, contact co creators Sue Baechler | sue@originaliti.com or Shirley Ball | shirleyball@comcast.net



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